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9-1-1 Education Campaign Earns a Telly Award


Last year the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) represented by Terry Shaw (VECC Employee), Gigi Smith (VECC Employee), and Deborah Mecham (Utah Valley Dispatch Special Service District) presented a proposal to the Utah 911 Committee to fund a 911 education campaign.  The 911 Committee acted on their suggestion and contracted with the advertising firm of Penna, Powers, Brian, and Haynes to produce the campaign.  The campaign consists on TV and radio spots, billboards, a web site and other media.  You have probably seen the TV spots and the billboards.  The 911 Committee was informed last week that that 911 Education Campaign and each of the TV spots received Telly Awards.  Telly Awards are to advertising as the Emmies are to television.  In an international completion with over 13000 entries, the Utah 911 Education Campaign won the awards.

One of the Telly Awards is on temporary display in our display case.  Even though the award was given to Penna, Powers, Brian, and Haynes for a Utah Department of Public Safety (911 Committee) campaign, it was made possible because Gigi and Terry recognized a need and took action on it.  Thanks to Terry and Gigi.