The Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communications Center (VECC) is pleased to offer police, fire and medical dispatch and associated services in support of police protection, fire protection, and emergency medical activities of the VECC member agencies.  This paper summarizes the services provided by the Administrative Services Department.


The Administrative Services Department exists to support the business related functions of VECC in relation to its member agencies, vendors, and contract personnel and to support the internal functions of each of the VECC departments, specifically Human Resources and Training, Fire and Police Operations, and the Technical Services Department. Personnel assigned to Admin Services work to establish, maintain, and foster positive, productive and respectful working relationships with those contacted during the course of work. The mission statement of the department is to provide professional, efficient, and effective service to anyone requiring assistance.


The Administrative staff is comprised of the following 8 positions:

Executive Director: The Executive Director oversees the efficient, effective management of VECC.  Under general direction from the Board of Trustees and the Board of Operations, he plans, organizes, integrates and directs the operations and personnel of a centralized emergency communications center and directs external affairs with other public and government agencies.

Human Resources Manager: Under general administrative direction from the Executive Director, this individual is responsible to plan, direct, manager, and oversee the activities and operations of Human Resources programs.  Major focus is on recruitment, selection, employee relations, staff development, risk management, EEO, grants, and safety.  This position also coordinates assigned activities with outside agencies, conducts special projects, and provides highly responsible and complex management support to the Executive Director.  The H/R Manager also oversees the Training Coordinator position; responsibilities of these 2 positions are covered in the Human Resources Department paper.

Training Coordinator: Under direction of the Human Resources Manager, this position designs, develops, and implements specialized training programs and materials, assists in administering and evaluating training programs and maintains comprehensive documentation, and provides internal facilitation services for work process improvement initiatives. Details on this position are provided in the Human Resources Department paper.

Emergency Communications Coordinator: Under general direction of the Fire Operations Manager, this position is responsible for working with regional law enforcement agencies, regional fire departments, regional EMS providers, and regional and statewide emergency management agencies to obtain their cooperation with VECC activities and projects.  This individual is responsible to communicate problems to and from agency members and to provide solutions and recommendations for process improvement and efficiency.  This position also serves as VECC’s Grant Management coordinator and in this capacity is tasked to research available grants and apprize management of options, prepare applications and documentation in accordance with grant stipulations, and follow through on all aspects of grant projects.  Further elaboration of this position is provided in the Fire Operations Department report.

Client Services Coordinator/PIO: Under general direction of the Fire Operations Manager, the Client Services Coordinator is responsible for working with regional law enforcement agencies, regional fire departments, and regional EMS providers to obtain their cooperation with Center activities and projects and to coordinate activities.  This individual will respond to requests, issues, and problems from the general public and media representatives, assist with public affairs program planning, research statistical data, maintain files, and conduct training for staff or the public.  Details and benefits of this position are provided in the Fire Operations Department report.

Administrative Services Manager: This position is responsible for General administrative office management to maintain consistent operations of VECC’s business office.  This individual will plan, organize, direct and evaluate the administrative staff performance.  Major focus is on the recruitment process, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, budget, recorder responsibilities, public relations, employee benefits, and record retention.  This position also coordinates with outside agencies, conducts special projects, and provides highly responsible and complex management support to the Executive Director.

Human Resources Technician: The Human Resources Technician provides technical and professional staff assistance and coordination in support of human resource functions and programs including recruitment, performance evaluation, classification, training, job evaluation, benefits, and compensation.  This position also provides assistance and support with VECC’s general administrative office tasks.

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant: The Receptionist/Administrative Assistant position requires strong interpersonal skills to facilitate handling the daily interactions with the public, external agency personnel, and internal VECC employees.  This individual provides technical and professional staff assistance and coordination in support of the various Administrative Services functions.


Administrative Services Manager

  • Organization of the administrative office, including policies and procedures, office equipment purchase and maintenance, and office supply purchasing, distribution and maintenance.  Plan, organize, direct and evaluate the administrative staff performance.  Establish performance requirements and development targets and regularly monitor performance to provide coaching for performance improvement and development.
  • Serve as the liaison between the general public and VECC member agencies.  Perform public relations duties in responding to inquiries from the general public regarding VECC’s operations. Maintain effective working relationships with all VECC member police and fire departments, external contract agencies and personnel, and VECC internal departments and personnel.
  • Provide support services to the VECC governing Boards in compliance with the Utah Open and Public Meetings Law, including public notices of meetings, agenda compilation, and transcription and documentation of official minutes of meetings for VECC records.  Fulfill all clerical support functions for Boards and complete special projects as assigned.
  • Maintain timekeeping software for all personnel and process payroll data file bi-weekly for submission through VECC’s general ledger financial software.  Payroll data is tracked through the Qqest Timeforce software, version  VECC utilizes Microsoft Great Plains Version 9 financial and payroll software.
  • Process all Billing Invoices, Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable and maintain accurate ledgers of all transactions.  Responsible for investment of fund balance in accordance with the Utah Money Management Act and sweep account.  Interact with independent auditors in researching and documenting fiscal transactions for the annual financial report.
  • Assist with the annual budget preparation process and monitor department expenses to ensure compliance with established budget.
  • Maintain VECC records in compliance with the Utah Municipal General Records Retention Schedule.  Maintain an accurate, up-to-date filing system for the protection and retrieval of VECC documents, including confidential personnel files and correspondence.  Maintain record series classifications and record logbooks and supervise document scanning for archived file storage in compliance with government rules.
  • Responsible for the administration of VECC’s Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit pension plans, to include annual renewal, plan maintenance, personnel enrollment, data and beneficiary maintenance, resolution of bi-weekly contribution discrepancies in relation to ACH transfers, and administration of the employee loan program.
  • Responsible for the annual renewal of VECC’s employee health insurance program, including dental and vision insurance plan renewals. Respond to employee requests for information regarding plan benefits.
  • Responsible for annual renewal of VECC’s property and liability insurance, including property value assessment and asset management and completion of comprehensive application packet.
  • Responsible for the annual renewal of VECC’s worker’s compensation insurance, including completion of comprehensive application packet and statistical data reports. Evaluate competitive bids and serve as agency contact for the awarded contract. Monitor usage to identify trends and coordinate follow-up trainings.
  • Oversee VECC’s Health and Wellness program. Recommend and implement program ideas and campaigns and participate in industry conferences and panels.
  • Participation in weekly staff meetings to coordinate with internal VECC departments and assist with implementation of priorities, policies, procedures, and long-range planning. Interpret and apply pertinent policies, procedures, laws and regulations in management of the Administrative Services Department.
  • Forecast and distribute hiring and turnover trends through creation and maintenance of predictive hiring charts and historical termination records.
  • Handle correspondence requirements with internal and external agencies as required.  Type, format, proofread, and produce final copy of a wide variety of reports, correspondence, letters, memoranda, spreadsheets, and statistical charts; review drafts for punctuation, spelling and grammar; make or suggest corrections to drafts; independently compose letters, memoranda, or basic reports from general instructions or information related to assigned responsibilities.
  • Cross train administrative staff to insure essential tasks are covered in the absence of regularly assigned department personnel.
  • Maintain building key records and accountability logs to reduce security vulnerability.
  • Performance of any special projects assigned by the Executive Director or department managers.

Human Resources Technician

  • Assist with employment recruitment process, to include administration of applicant tests, application screening, scheduling interviews, distribution of correspondence, and creation of offer letters.  Coordinate the initial new employment tests, including background checks, drug screens, and vision and hearing tests.  Facilitate the New Employee Orientation and process all new hire paperwork and change forms.
  • Serve as the initial contact/resource person for the human resource department and respond to requests for information and assistance regarding human resource programs and services.  Interpret and explain policies, procedures and systems in response to human resource related inquiries from staff, representatives of other organizations, and others; research and gather information to provide accurate answers and information; ensure follow-up to unanswered inquiries.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of new or revised human resource programs, systems, procedures, and methods of operation. Compile and analyze data and make recommendations regarding human resource programs and systems and assist in the development and implementation of related policies.  Research, collect, compile, evaluate and analyze information from various sources on a variety of human resource topics and assist with preparation of technical records, reports and summaries. Assist in conducting comprehensive salary and benefit surveys.  Complete salary and benefit surveys from other organizations.
  • Maintain current knowledge of all employee benefit programs. Process initial plan enrollment forms and maintain all employee change forms. Assist employees requiring information on benefit plan coverage and claim resolution. Administer the employee Health and Wellness program and work in conjunction with staff to devise, research, and implement new program challenges to foster improved workforce health and safety.
  • Process and track all employee performance evaluations.  Complete and process payroll Personnel Action Forms and step increases and prepare related status reports.
  • Coordinate activities, logs, and correspondence in regard to worker’s compensation insurance and OSHA regulations and manage all correspondence from carriers, doctors, supervisors and injured workers related to worker’s compensation.
  • Initiate and maintain a variety of files and records for information related to the human resources department including personnel files, payroll forms, staff reports, and other records to assist in the management or administration of departmental programs. Ensure proper filing of documents in departmental files and maintain and update resource materials.
  • Coordinate and process all education reimbursement requests and update benefit amounts when necessary. Notify and educate participants on the education reimbursement deadlines, processes, forms, and benefit amounts.
  • Respond to requests and inquiries for information regarding FMLA policies and procedures.  Maintain confidential employee files, reports, and correspondence regarding individuals approved for leave.  Provide support to the Human Resources Manager responsible for FMLA program administration.
  • Responsible to administer the Health and Wellness program; recommend and implement program ideas and challenges, organize committee meetings, maintain monthly exercise/program participation logs and files, track program budget and expenses, prepare year-end reports, and transfer earned rewards to health insurance premium deductions in the payroll system.
  • Provide back-up support to the Receptionist position and fulfill essential functions in the absence of the Receptionist.
  • Assist the Admin Services Manager as required with various projects, programs, research, or report preparation and fulfill the required responsibilities for the position in the absence of the Manager.

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

  • Answer all incoming telephone lines for VECC administrative office; screen and transfer all callers and direct them to the appropriate staff member.
  • Greet all visitors to the VECC administrative office.  Serve as liaison between the general public and contract agencies.  Perform public relation duties in answering inquiries from the general public regarding employment and VECC operations.  Maintain effective working relationships with other departments and contract agency personnel.
  • Responsible for incoming\outgoing mail and distribution to the appropriate individual.
  • Process applications for employment.  Log all applications in GP software and prepare applicant file.  Schedule and conduct pre-employment type test and Criticall screening test; process scores and schedule successful candidates for job orientation meeting and interviews.  Prepare notification letters for unsuccessful applicants and distribute.  Conduct prior employment reference checks on applicants accepting employment offers.
  • Perform secretarial functions for the Police User Group, Fire User Group and Tech Users Group, including meeting notifications and agendas.  Transcribe by machine dictation and compose meeting minutes to draft or final copy, as directed.  Complete any projects as assigned in conjunction with these groups.
  • Serve as a member of the Health and Wellness committee and participate in committee meetings, program ideas and implementation, and program documentation.
  • Process Accounts Payable on a weekly basis.  Log and date stamp all accounts payable and route to the appropriate manager for payment approval.  Enter A/P information into VECC’s financial program and cut checks.  Maintain A/P files for audit purposes.
  • Prepare monthly expense justification sheets for all credit card billings, comparing receipts to actual charges for verification purposes.  Route to cardholders and designated supervisors for approval signatures.
  • Responsible for all office supply orders and maintenance of all office equipment.
  • Prepare monthly calendar for administrative staff distribution, coordinating various agendas and meetings.  Assist in scheduling appointments, meetings, conferences and all meeting preparations and reservations required.
  • Maintain training records and files on all employee EMD certification requirements for national and state certifications.  Notify dispatch employees of pending EMD expirations; record training credits and prepare applications and documentation for EMD re-certifications.
  • Assist the Administrative Services Manager and the Human Resources Technician with various projects, programs, research or report preparation, as requested.