All VECC operations employees receive required initial, certification, and refresher training as part of their dispatch qualification. Fire dispatchers are trained and proficient in the quickest route sending protocols and field personnel safety.  In addition, fire dispatchers have attended specialized training for swift water rescue, avalanches, arson investigation, extrication, HAZMAT, technical rescue, search and rescue, and use of Rocky Mountain Rescue Dog.

Training includes:

  • All VECC floor employees go through six weeks of training for call takers that  specifically deals with caller interrogation and the use of FIRE and EMD protocols
  • VECC uses ProQA CAD software and AQUA (Quality Assurance Case Review) for medical call taking, dispatching.
  • Fire dispatchers go through a 12-week training program (Six weeks for Fire Sender [Channel 1] responses and apparatus type training.  Six weeks for Fire Tender [Response channels] training.)
  • All VECC floor employees are EMD certified and advanced EMD training course that is provided through the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch (NAED)
  • VECC Supervisors are trained and certified through NAED for Quality Assurance (QA) of medical protocols
  • Monthly meetings are held with the Center Medical Director to evaluate medical calls and protocols.
  • Monthly EMD training is held to keep the employee’s skills viable with a yearly required minimum of 12 training hours specific to EMD
  • In-house AHA certified CPR instructors teach from the EMD perspective
  • VECC provides training and exposure to fire dispatching and 9-1-1 call taking operations new firefighters and paramedics.
  • 90% of VECC employees are NIMS compliant and trained in ICS 100, ICS 200, and IS 700.  VECC managers maintain ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 300, ICS 400, IS 700 & IS 800 NIMS certifications
  • POST certification is provided for all employees by 12 in-house POST Certified Instructors
  • VECC has four APCO Certified Training Officer Instructors (CTOI) and 35 APCO Certified Training Officers (CTO).

In the very near future VECC will seek accreditation through the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch which recognizes a high standard for EMD service to the community.