VECC provides a full suite of technical services and resources to support our internal operations and to assist the agencies we support.  We have dedicated full time Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and technical staff, along with a GIS Administrator.  The Technical Services department provides 24X7 on-call support and remote access.  Full CAD and Geo-based integration with the Street /9-1-1 data is maintained in the CAD.  The Geo-base is maintained in-house and can be adjusted to agency requirements.  Our technical services include data transfer from CAD to agency records management systems (RMS), preparation of statistical reports, and maintenance of the 9-1-1 call delivery network, maintenance of our GIS / mapping applications, development and maintenance of the various CAD tables, and management of various paging systems.

Reports include:

  • CAD average response time report
  • CAD address history report
  • CAD unit history report
  • Comprehensive month end report which also includes all automatic and mutual aid responses outside jurisdiction/zones
  • Month end report showing only responses within jurisdiction/zones
  • Year end report which also includes all automatic and mutual aid outside of jurisdiction/zones
  • Year end report showing only responses within jurisdiction/zones
  • In and out of zones report for and all agencies
  • Ad hoc reports showing only fire type responses
  • Ad hoc reports showing only medical type responses
  • Reports generated in all formats, i.e., Crystal Reports, PDF files, text files, etc
  • User accessible web based on-line reporting software for running and obtaining fire and medical data and reports.

Paging services include:

  • Maintenance of all cell phone and pager information for all apparatus and administrative staff, including call numbers, current assignments, and rank.
  • Setup of all group paging for administrative notification related to unit status changes, i.e., working fire, working incident, etc.
  • Setup of all group paging for administrative notification related to type of call.
  • Manual text paging to all apparatus and administrative personnel with free text capability.
  • The VECC Paging Server inputs to all major paging and cellular carriers.
  • Station specific call notification (Zetron)

CAD table setup and maintenance includes:

  • Recommended Unit Table where responses are set up by type of nature, both fire and medical.  These responses can be setup by agency, zone, or individual address.
  • CAD unit Table which sets up all apparatus by their call numbers, agency, and zone assignment.  Also, all administrative personnel are setup by call number, agency, and officer name in this table.
  • Vehicle kind Table sets up all functions that each unit can perform including concurrent function, which in turn, determines response recommends.
  • Planning with fire users for specialty responses such as technical rescue, heavy rescue, mass casualty, hazmat, etc.
  • Provides flagging for address hazards related to firefighter safety or special information.

GIS / Mapping Applications Maintenance.  The VECC GIS Coordinator:

  • Maintains and updates all street data, zone information, and city boundaries for the entire CAD system.
  • Investigates, reconciles, and corrects all missing addresses
  • Maintains Quickest Route data
  • Updates CAD database and Quickest Route database monthly
  • Maintains all common name files for the tri-canyon areas, Emigration Canyon and all freeway mile marker data.
  • Maintains and updates Orion MapStar that includes floor plans for Jordan District schools.

The resources listed below are also available to VECC agencies:

  • Our Master Street Address Group (MSAG) Coordinator maintains the street database for Salt Lake County.  The MSAG Coordinator makes ANI/ALI corrections, and provides wireless site information through a Web connection to Intrado to insure correct routing of 9-1-1emergency calls.
  • Full time Client Services Coordinator to address customer service issues and to provide audio and CAD reports for agency use.
  • Representation on the State 9-1-1 Committee, local and national Association of Public Safety Officials (APCO) organizations, and the National Emergency Number Association (NENA).
  • VECC also contracts for legal and legislative lobbyist services as they pertain to the management of VECC and 9-1-1 emergency call delivery statutes.