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The Opportunity – Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communications Center (SLVECC)

Salt Lake VECC has all of the offerings that management professionals seek. Professionally, it is a politically stable organization, economically sound, with a talented and cohesive staff supporting the police, fire and emergency medical responders in the growing Salt Lake Valley communities. The successful candidate has the potential to play a significant role in crafting the Salt Lake VECC’s public safety response in the coming years.

SLVECC is a Primary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) that serves around one million residents in Salt Lake County and covers 631.17 square miles. SLVECC provides 911, police, fire, medical, emergency management, animal control and on-call public works dispatching services for 21 Cities and Townships. Salt Lake VECC administrative offices are located at 5360 South Ridge Village Drive, West Valley City, Utah.

Employer Information

Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communications Center (SLVECC) is a mission based, value driven organization that was formed as a joint enterprise organization by six Salt Lake area cities and Salt Lake County as a government agency on June 13, 1988 pursuant to provisions of the Utah Interlocal Cooperation Act. SLVECC was created to provide consolidated emergency communication services to municipal police and fire departments within the Salt Lake Valley.

SLVECC is a Primary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) that serves around one million residents in Salt Lake County and covers 631.17 square miles. SLVECC provides 911, police, fire, medical, emergency management, animal control and on-call public works dispatching services for 21 Cities and Townships.

The Executive Director serves under the broad direction of the SLVECC Board of Trustees (which includes City Managers, Fire and Police Chiefs, and Elected Officials of represented agencies). The Executive Director’s direct reports include the Deputy Director, Operations Director, Human Resources Manager, and Technical Services Director.

SLVECC has 185 full time and part time employees and is a stand-alone agency, which is responsible for all administrative, human resources and technical services for the center. SLVECC has an annual budget of $18.7 million dollars.

The Position

The Executive Director is an appointed position that is political in nature, and it requires great skill in relationship building, governmental budget background, and experience in policy development. This position is also heavily involved with legislative issues relating to public safety, and is responsible to carry out legislative directives and decisions in a timely manner.

The Executive Director works closely with the elected leadership on regular basis, and is responsible for setting and carrying out the vision, mission and objectives for 911 emergency dispatch services. The position provides leadership and works with managers to develop and retain highly competent, service-oriented staff through selection, compensation, training and day-to-day management practices that support the mission, objectives and service expectations of the organization.

The Executive Director will plan and direct large, comprehensive emergency communications operations, projects, and personnel; analyze and make sound recommendations on complex management issues; understand, interpret, explain and apply relevant city, state and federal laws; present information, proposals and recommendations clearly and persuasively in public settings. Skill in negotiations, maintaining effective relationships with elected officials, all levels of city executives, officials of other governmental agencies, community and business organizations, the media, employees and the public are essential. The position requires excellent communication, both verbally and in writing, exercise sound expert, exercise tact and diplomacy in dealing with sensitive, complex and confidential issues and situations, and manage a diverse staff of technical and professional personnel.

Opportunities and Challenges

The next Executive Director will be presented with a number of known challenges and opportunities in which to excel including: • Without question, the biggest challenge facing SLVECC is that it is the largest multi-jurisdictional public safety center in Utah that provides dispatching services for multiple agencies. There is an expectation that policy that is created for the organization meets the needs to all jurisdictions and disciplines, which can be very challenging.

  • Like many cities in our nation, residents, staff, and board members are increasingly connected in an instant-on world. Communication travels instantly, and the Executive Director and staff must be able to provide information, answer questions, and in some cases, act just as quickly. VECC’s excellent history of communication performance has created high expectations from its board members, and it is challenging to continually meet them.
  • Also, within the issue of conservative fiscal policies, SLVECC must work diligently to recruit and retain its high-performing workforce, while facing the challenge of a low unemployment rate of 2.8%1. While extremely satisfying for public safety service oriented employees, many of the jobs are mentally and emotionally taxing, which can lead to burnout; requiring the Executive Director to be motivationally oriented. The average turnover rate is 22%.
  • The SLVECC receives almost 1 million incoming calls per year where 85% are law enforcement related calls and 15% are fire and emergency medical calls for service. This type of call volume creates a busy work environment and can be challenging to keep up with.
  • CAD implementation.
  • The position is collaborative in nature, and creates an opportunity to meet and work with a variety of professionals to continue to run a successful operation center.

The Ideal Candidate

In addition to being ethical, well qualified, and experienced with municipal government, the next Executive Director of SLVECC must possess certain traits that will be essential for success:

  • As a progressive organization, there is continued, strong interest in using technology in the centers operations data collection. It is critical that the selected candidate is skilled in data analysis, as it provides critical information to the board for decision-making and process improvement. Providing the board statistical data that affects fiscal forecasting on a realtime basis is a good example of this utilization. • Considering that the Executive Director has multiple agencies to report to, the ideal candidate must be collaborative, yet decisive, and must be a strong leader of people. Leadership of SLVECC personnel involves a high-level of coaching and mentoring, without micromanagement, and the Executive Director must be able to adapt to the different styles of the staff.
  • SLVECC is a diverse organization to manage. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter, with high energy, and a strong desire to work in a fun, nimble, and rewarding workplace. It is vital for the ideal candidate to have experience working in a large government center or the private equivalent in order to be successful.
  • Executive Director is the budget manager for SLVECC. The FY 2020 budget is $17,893,468 with primary revenue sources of $7.6 million State assessed 911 fees, and $7.8 million from member assessments. Therefore, knowledge and experience with financial accounting, statistics and quantitative analysis is highly desired. While SLVECC has a talented financial staff, a strong financial background remains highly desired. • Candidates should have a thorough knowledge of GASB and GAAP principles, the Uniform Municipal Fiscal Procedures Act, and must be bondable. Familiarity with Utah laws and regulations governing municipalities is preferred.
  • SLVECC is a busy organization to manage in. The ideal candidate for this position is well-versed, have a well-developed political acumen and is capable of working with lobbyists to ensure the fiscal security at a state level.

Education and Experience

Minimum qualifications for the position of Executive Director include: Education: A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university with major course work in public or business administration or other related field.

Experience: A minimum of four years supervisory experience is required.

Preferred: A master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university with major course work in public administration, emergency management, business management or related field.

Past experience in upper-level management position for an emergency communications center or who have held a management position in a public safety agency and who have dispatch experience and familiarization with medical, fire, and law enforcement dispatch operations and technology including but not limited to call taking, CAD, and RMS systems is desirable.


The salary for this exempt, executive, position is $120,000 to $140,000.00 annually, depending upon qualifications. The starting salary will be based upon the relevant knowledge and experience of the candidate selected. SLVECC offers a comprehensive benefit package that includes paid vacation, sick, and holiday leave, and a monthly vehicle allowance. Insurance offerings include health, dental, vision, long term disability (LTD) and life.

The Recruitment Process

All interested candidates that believe he/she meets the minimum
requirements should apply. The job will be open until filled, with the first applicant screening scheduled mid-October.

Apply by submitting a compelling cover letter and comprehensive resume to tcook@sjc.utah.gov

Top candidates will be invited for a comprehensive interview process. Additionally, a supplemental questionnaire may be required with responses to specific questions and submittal of sample work products.

Target Dates

Application Period: September 27 – Open Until Filled

First Applicants Review: October 16, 2019

Conditional Job Offer: November 20, 2019 Hire Date: December 4, 2019

For further information or questions on the recruitment process, please contact Ms. Teresa Cook at (801) 254-3742 ext. 1852. Confidential inquiries are welcomed.

Official Job Description

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